At Griffin Lawn Care, we offer many different lawn care services.
Below are just a few.


Lawn Maintenance

  • Lawn Mowing – Turf areas evenly mowed to a height of 2.5 – 3.5 inches.
  • Weed Eating – String trimming of areas mowers are unable to access.
  • Edging – Straight line edging of hard surfaces and flowerbeds.
  • Blowing Off – Cleanup of all grass clippings, leaves, and debris on hard services.



  • Weed Removal - We keep your flower beds and turf areas weed free
  • Hedge/tree trimming - Don't let your shrubs outgrow their space
  • Mulching - When the time is right, mulching helps the health of your plants
  • Plant Installation - Ready for some new landscaping?  Griffin Lawn Care can help!


landscaping services

Pressure Washing

Griffin Lawn Care adds an extra cleaning power boost that puts the sparkle and shine back into residential, commercial, and industrial exteriors. Our carefully developed pressure washing techniques, high performance equipment and competent and efficient cleaning crew provide outstanding results.

With the skills and equipment to pressure wash a wide range of locales, Griffin Lawn Care uses cleaning methods that produce outstanding results without harming the environment or disturbing surrounding property.

  • Homes and Buildings
  • Surfaces: Driveways, sidewalks, patios, parking lots
  • Roofing
  • Fencing

Bush Hogging

At Griffin Lawn Care we offer bush hogging for our clients with large pieces of land that needs to either be cleaned up or kept up on a regular basis.

Bush hogging eliminates heavy brush in order to prepare land for things such as development, farming, hunting, and many other reasons- like just looking better! If you have dead or overgrown land that needs to be maintained, give us a call.


bush hogging